Hi, I’m Muhammad Ibrar

I have 6+ years of hands-on experience in different client/server-side technologies and Restful Apis. I have been involved in large-scale software applications based on microservices and AWS services. Skilled in Angular, Reactjs, Nodejs, Nestjs, Expressjs, MongoDB, MySql, Sequelize. Proficient in using Git, GitHub/Bitbucket, and Jira. Familiar with unit test, Postman, CI/CD, Docker, Pm2, and agile methodologies with strong debugging skills..


I offer these services for your Next project:

Full-Stack Development

End-to-end expertise in both frontend and backend technologies. Seamlessly integrate robust frontend interfaces with scalable and efficient backend solutions.

Responsive Web Design

Craft websites that adapt seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. Deliver optimal user experiences through fluid and responsive design principles.

Database Management

Proficient in SQL and NoSQL databases for structured and flexible data storage. Design and manage databases tailored to specific project requirements for efficient data handling.

API Development

Expertise in creating efficient and flexible APIs using GraphQL and Apollo. Utilize GraphQL to streamline data fetching, enhancing performance and customization capabilities.

CI/CD Deployment

Implement CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and seamless deployment. Streamline development workflows, ensuring code quality and rapid, reliable application releases.

Scalability Performance

Optimize applications for high performance and scalability. Employ strategies to handle increased loads, ensuring consistent and responsive user experiences.

Code and Best Practices

Adhere to coding standards, industry best practices, and maintain high code quality. Strive for clean, modular, and well-documented code to enhance readability, maintainability, and collaborative development.

Project Management

Proficient in project management tools, version control, and collaborative platforms. Foster effective teamwork by utilizing tools like Git, Jira, and collaborative workflows, ensuring efficient project delivery and seamless communication.

Innovative Thinking

Harnessing creative thinking and agile methodologies, I cultivate collaborative environments to deliver inventive solutions that transcend conventional approaches. Embracing diverse perspectives.

I help you build brand for your business:

My Portfolio

NFT Market Place
Web Application
NFT Market Place
Hybrid Mobile Application & Admin Panel
Online Food Ordering and Delivery System
Web Application
Online Food Ordering and Delivery System
Pakistan Sign Language - PSL
Web Application
Pakistan Sign Language - PSL
Online Store - Vapesuit
Web Application
Online Store - Vapesuit
Portfolio Site
Web Design
Portfolio Site
6+ Years of Experience

My Resume

2012 - 2018


BS Software Engineering

Superior University (2014 - 2018)

Fsc Pre Engineering

The Govt College of Science (2012 - 2014)


Contact With Me

Muhammad Ibrar